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Today was a strange day…

Our friends had to go home during the night. Evidently the meds one took made her sick at her stomach. Which ended in vomit in the floor. So I drove the sisters home during the early morning. (The mother has a newborn baby at home). But driving led to vomit in my van. I got back home at about 2:30 am. Took a shower. Found Claire nestled up to Dave on my bed, and took the couch. I don’t like sleeping with all those windows, so I fall asleep around 3:00.

The sweet kids let me sleep in a bit this morning. I woke up to hearing my name shouted in Marigold’s voice. It is pretty loud. I find her door open and the kids keeping her company while she plays in her crib. What thoughtful people…

So then, my thoughtful people keep an eye on Marigold while I go clean my car. Claire “asks” to help. You know, in that way that says she doesn’t really want to but is trying to be nice. I love her so much! It’s lots of steam-cleaning, but I took care of it. You know, it’s one thing to take care of your own children’s mess, but entirely different when it is someone elses… Is it possible to total a van for this? Insurance will pay for it, right?

So it is a HUGE thanks to all my kids for being so sacrificing and thoughtful. Well, I guess they didn’t want to ride around in the wretch-mobile too.

I came up and got another shower and found soup set out on the table for lunch. Such a considerate, loving Claire…

So for some fun, we finished up “Amulet: The Stonekeepers Curse.” The kids want more. I think there are 5 volumes total, so I will put that into our JCLC book cart.

After Mari’s nap, Claire and I played American Girl dolls for a bit, and then read on “Good Luck, Ivy”. These AG books spawn some interesting conversations. Especially the more modern ones. They spark talks about modern ideas prevalent in society…She is dying to get her Ivy doll in. Did I mention that she won it off Ebay? Yea! She could NOT believe it! It *should* be in today…

Then Grant and I read a book about ants. He loves those little guys-er-gals. They really are fascinating. I have to say, I enjoy observing them too. But you will have to pick his brain about them one day.

Then he coached me on how to play “Eden”, which is an app that now even I have. It’s a building game. With monsters. And explosions. I can’t say it will be something I just pick up, like Draw Something, or Words with Friends, or Angry Birds. I am hooked on those right now. Also, I am trying to finish The Hunger Games. I am taking some kids from our church to see it on Saturday. It’s ok. I’ve read dystopian and sci-fi literature long enough to know that it borrows it’s ideas from Anthem and 1984 and such, like George Lucas stole from Frank Herbert and Iasaac Asimov. So it’s a bit of an irritation to me, but I can see how kids would like it. It is a bit easier to swallow. So I’m game, and I will enjoy the movie and the company. And I do enjoy the book too. A little bored. I actually put it down  after the first chapter about 2 months ago. But I picked it up again when I saw how much my younger friends loved it. So.. I guess this is turning into a post more about me today!

I am sure I am missing some things…Well, Grant is summoning me to play Halo with him. Better run! Yawn… A few more hours to go until I meet my pillow again….

P.S. the older 2/3 got to watch Wild China, North of the Great Wall tonight. Fun!



Mari graciously chose Not to pee in the shower, or the tub, or her chair, or the bathroom floor, or the lego bin this morning. No, she decided the potty was the best place… this morning. It’s like a smelly version of Green Eggs and Ham over here! Go Mari!

After a full day with friends at the park and on our errand trip, we got out the sprinkler again. Mari thinks she is one of the “bigs”.

Then we took the party into the evening hours with overnight guests Audrey and Madison.

Dinner with Souper Straws! 🙂


We started off with a walk/bike ride. They took the big hill in our hood a few times. Rock on!

Then we played outside in the sprinkler. After a while, Claire wanted to fix us lunch. After lunch, Claire helped me plant blackberry canes. 12 of them! I hope they survive…

Then  the kiddos played a video game together for a bit. Played with friends for a bit.

Then Claire and I read some on one of her American Girl books. It was a Niki book, and we both found it boring. So we are scrapping it and moving on to the Julie collection…Her current favorite! Especially since she just won the Ivy doll through an Ebay Auction! Go Claire!!

We played Draw Something together (amid discussing Uncle Joe’s…intriguing drawings. We just chatted about whatever came to her sweet mind. Which ment we attempted to track down the origin of the phrase “rub some dirt on it”. Evidently it was earliest used in the 1950’s, when it was a common held belief that you could tough through serious illnesses. Weird. So it circulated through coaches linge. Anyway, that is about all we could find on the matter.

She was also intrested in the precise definition of an infection. Looked that up, for precisions sake, for her. And we talked about white blood cells and the immune system.

Meanwhile, my boys are disassembling a computer. Dear Dave is explaining this to curious Grant, who then, for the most part, puts it back together. Like father like son!

No time for Wild China tonight 😦 Claire is bummed. But we were up way too late chatting and hanging out.


Today started off with a summit. How to move a mountain. More specifically, how to move a mountain of clothes off the children’s floor. We went through several possibilities and decided it was most reasonable for them to put the clothes up while it was still a molehill.

Then we headed for my dentist appointment. This matters, because the hygienist complimented the kids on their good behavior and how well they helped one another.

So since we were right beside Fox Pizza we stopped in for some pizza and arcade games. Grant hit the jackpot and got 200 tickets. He spent them on a much coveted slinky.

It’s Monday, so of course we went to Old Farts Farm for our dairy. The kids love visiting their goaty friend Rascal. They roamed around the bunny cages. Claire began dreaming up how she could get a Flemish giant, her animal of the day. I have found out so much information about raising chickens from Sue, the farmer. She is super nice, and never minds us rambling on the farm.

Got home, put crazy Marigold to bed. Then we had tiime for a scavender hunt. Fun!


But it didn't work out as I had planned. Curses! Spoiled again!

Claire planned where she wanted to plant her pumpkin patch and the nasturtium. She also helped me force roots on a crepe myrtle. Meanwhile Grant played Project Gotham Racing 4.

Played outside with friends on the trampoline. That spawned a conversation about social situations. I will keep it vague.

Pictures tomorrow.

We unwound with a Wild China episode. Fabulous show.


We had a reading obstacle course on the sidewalk, drawn in chalk. I will try posting pictures later…

That was super fun! Ballet day today. Mari got her 2 year pictures done from a friend, Kimberly Greenlaw. Great pics.

More Little House on the Prairie videos. They make such good conversation pieces. It’s cleaned-up grown-up topics.

Claire read more of her American Girl book, Crissa. She is so into that right now. She bid on an Ivy doll off Ebay. She raised her bid once. She is still trying to decide how far to go…


Bubba, bacon, breakfast, and truck.

She had Truck eat some too. 🙂