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Cheese Chips for Your Salty- Crunchy Fix

January 16, 2012

These are better than chips. Seriously. They have so much flavor! And it is low carb. Use any hard cheese you like, as long as it has similar moisture to cheddar.

You can go about it in several ways, but I usually cook mine in the oven. Cheese can be sliced, shredded, mixed with other cheeses, cubed, shaped like little nutria.

This might set you back a whole minute to prep, and about 7 minutes or so cook time.


You need this to make it work:

cheese. duh

salt. maybe.

cooking sheet. well sure.

parchment paper. oh.


What your hands do:

Preheat your oven to 400. Put the cheese in clumps on the parchment lined cookie sheet. The size depends on you. Bigger chip + longer cook = more spacing between the heaps. I know you knew that. Add some salt at this point. Pop it into your pre-heated oven. Drink a beer and read a quarter chapter of Speaker for the Dead. When the edges peel up off the paper, you know they are ready.  7 minutes or so. Air them out on a wire rack.

Dip into French onion dip, salsa, spinach dip, etc. while you finish your beer and chapter. nom. nom.






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