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March 20, 2012

Today started off with a summit. How to move a mountain. More specifically, how to move a mountain of clothes off the children’s floor. We went through several possibilities and decided it was most reasonable for them to put the clothes up while it was still a molehill.

Then we headed for my dentist appointment. This matters, because the hygienist complimented the kids on their good behavior and how well they helped one another.

So since we were right beside Fox Pizza we stopped in for some pizza and arcade games. Grant hit the jackpot and got 200 tickets. He spent them on a much coveted slinky.

It’s Monday, so of course we went to Old Farts Farm for our dairy. The kids love visiting their goaty friend Rascal. They roamed around the bunny cages. Claire began dreaming up how she could get a Flemish giant, her animal of the day. I have found out so much information about raising chickens from Sue, the farmer. She is super nice, and never minds us rambling on the farm.

Got home, put crazy Marigold to bed. Then we had tiime for a scavender hunt. Fun!


But it didn't work out as I had planned. Curses! Spoiled again!

Claire planned where she wanted to plant her pumpkin patch and the nasturtium. She also helped me force roots on a crepe myrtle. Meanwhile Grant played Project Gotham Racing 4.

Played outside with friends on the trampoline. That spawned a conversation about social situations. I will keep it vague.

Pictures tomorrow.

We unwound with a Wild China episode. Fabulous show.


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