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March 21, 2012

We started off with a walk/bike ride. They took the big hill in our hood a few times. Rock on!

Then we played outside in the sprinkler. After a while, Claire wanted to fix us lunch. After lunch, Claire helped me plant blackberry canes. 12 of them! I hope they survive…

Then  the kiddos played a video game together for a bit. Played with friends for a bit.

Then Claire and I read some on one of her American Girl books. It was a Niki book, and we both found it boring. So we are scrapping it and moving on to the Julie collection…Her current favorite! Especially since she just won the Ivy doll through an Ebay Auction! Go Claire!!

We played Draw Something together (amid discussing Uncle Joe’s…intriguing drawings. We just chatted about whatever came to her sweet mind. Which ment we attempted to track down the origin of the phrase “rub some dirt on it”. Evidently it was earliest used in the 1950’s, when it was a common held belief that you could tough through serious illnesses. Weird. So it circulated through coaches linge. Anyway, that is about all we could find on the matter.

She was also intrested in the precise definition of an infection. Looked that up, for precisions sake, for her. And we talked about white blood cells and the immune system.

Meanwhile, my boys are disassembling a computer. Dear Dave is explaining this to curious Grant, who then, for the most part, puts it back together. Like father like son!

No time for Wild China tonight 😦 Claire is bummed. But we were up way too late chatting and hanging out.


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  1. Honey permalink

    Thanks for doing this! It makes me feel such a part of their daily activities without “interfering” in their (and your) routine. I love it. Such wonderful and diverse activities. Memories to last a lifetime and to pass on to their children!

    • Your welcome 🙂 All of that, and it will be a good way for me to look back on the year/years.

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